Monday, 16 April 2012

REPRISAL - love it or hate it?

Since being published on the 22 November 2011, Reprisal has enjoyed many excellent reviews on Amazon and at the same time endured some that are downright awful. Nevertheless, in a few short weeks Reprisal  reached #6 in the UK top 100 Kindle books and is still #2 in the Hard-Boiled category and #3 in Police Procedurals. Still, despite of reviews good and bad Reprisal keeps dipping in and out of the Kindle top 100.


  1. Welcome to Blogging, Alfie. You're on my list of blogs I'm following but not sure if I'm showing up on your blog.
    Well done with getting your second book with Caffeine. Hope it is as successful as Reprisal. If you need any editing I offer very reasonable rates! ;-)

    1. Hi Kris, Thanks for putting me on your list, will email me yor link please. By the way your follow pic hasn't arrived.

  2. Good start, Alfie! Shared and tweeted for you.

  3. You can't satisfy 'em all, Alfie. You know I think "Reprisal" is wonderful, a try major league whodunit with the best of 'em.