Thursday, 19 April 2012

'Mrs Jones' by BA Morton

Night Publishing author BA Morton, was a runner up last year at the  Brympton Festival, this year she is wearing a different hat as guest speaker at this years show. On this Friday evening Babs will be reading from her next novel, 'wildewood' and I'm sure we all wish her well.

Lizzie Jones arrives in New York to deliver a package.

Witnessing a hit and run is bad enough, but when the deceased is the person she was supposed to meet and the driver wants the package bad enough to kill for it, what’s a girl to do? Dialling 911 probably isn’t her smartest idea, particularly when she’s hiding secrets of her own. But fearing for her life all she can do is stick with the cop.

Detective Tommy Connell is a single dad with a string of bad breaks and he needs a bust to keep his job. He reckons cute little Lizzie might be just the ticket but first he needs her to tell the truth and she’s not very good at that. Connell has a way with the ladies but as he soon learns, Lizzie Jones is like no lady he’s ever met.

Why did she see a hit and run when everyone else saw an accident? Why is she travelling on someone else’s counterfeit passport? Why is Connell’s own nemesis the albino mobster Mo Pater so interested in Mrs Jones from England and just what is the story with the mysterious Mr Jones?

Setting out to solve the puzzle, Connell is inexplicably drawn back to his own chequered past and the murder of the mother of his child. Realising that the two cases are connected and that Lizzie is the witness who may help him finally obtain justice, he wonders whether justice is enough, when revenge is what he craves.

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  1. I'm currently reading this excellent book – hope to get a chance to finish it soon and review it!