Friday, 20 April 2012

An interview with Reprisals DCI Marlowe.

Detective Chief Inspector Philip Marlowe speaking with ...

         Question. What made you join the police force?
Answer. I left school at 15 and went to work on Hull fish docks as a barrow boy, lugging aluminium barrels of fish about. After a short time I decided I didn't like the early starts and cold winter mornings, so I joined the force as a cadet.

Question. Philip Marlowe, do people confuse you with Raymond Chandler's fictional character?
Answer. No, not really, but saying that, older people do make comments.

Question. Have you always lived in Beverley?
Answer. No, I was born in Hull and for most of the time I lived on Hessle Road, I didn't move out of the city until I got married.

Question. Married?
Answer. Let's not go there.

Question. Who do you prefer Hull FC or Hull Kingston Rovers?
Answer. Let's be honest, who would a west Hull lad support? It has got to be Hull FC, mind you I don't mind watching Hull City now and again.

Question. What's your favourite meal?
Answer. You can't beat good old fish and chips with plenty of vinegar and white bread and butter. Being in the type of job I am, I rely a lot on the freezer. But no matter what it is, it tastes a lot better with a couple of glasses of vino!

Question. Do you have any pet hates?
Answer. I hate it when the young Officers call me Guv, I put it down to watching too much television.

Question. Finally tell us about Archie.
Answer. Not much to say really, he's of mixed parentage, I think there's a bit of Cocker Spaniel in there somewhere. I got custody of Archie after the divorce, basically the ex Mrs Marlowe didn't want him.

Thanks very much for sparing the time to speak with us Chief Inspector.

That's ok, hang on a minute my mobiles ringing, yes, right I'm on my way. Sorry, have to go now there's been a crime wave while we've been speaking

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  1. Great interview with a great character Alfie. Still think you should do an interview with Archie the dog!