Monday, 1 October 2012

'Just Whistle', ONLY 77p - JK Rowling, 'A Casual Vacancy' £11.99 on kindle

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My name is John Osbourne, well it was before I started writing this bloody book, now I’m not so sure who the hell I am.  If you think you know me, please telephone 01482 21….
Unemployed and recently divorced, John Osbourne’s life was slowly falling apart, then encouraged to get a hobby by his daughter things took a different turn, a turn that he did not realise would change his life. As he starts writing his first novel, the characters seem to come alive before his very eyes.
Osbourne’s creation, Detective Sergeant Harry “H” Blackburn and his team find themselves involved in the investigation into the murder of a young female student, which leads them into the dangerous world of drug trafficking. When their only witness gets murdered it becomes even more difficult for the team to get justice.
As the line between reality and fiction blur, Osbourne struggles to keep a grip on reality as he enters the realm of fiction.
Will Harry and the team get their man, but if they do, will John Osbourne be lost in the world of fiction forever?

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