Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tesco Rule The World?

I just have to say, what chance does the Indie Publisher have with the likes of Tesco.
I know I shouldn't have, but I bought the latest Ian Rankin novel 'The Impossible Dead' and James Patterson, 'Kill Cross' for £2.99 each!
How can we compete with this, when the rrp is £7.99?


  1. You are absolutely right about Tesco Alfie. And what about The Works. They sell books at 3 for £5, and not bad quality at that. The Indie publisher can only (regrettably) compete in the ebooks market.

  2. Let's face it, John, 3 for £5, the reader can't go wrong.

  3. Yes they can. It's called choice. Supermarkets offer an extremly limited choice. Supermarkets close shops...bookshops too.

  4. I know, you're right, I felt guilty buying them, as the independant bookshops are decling fast.