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ReprisalSome of the most vibrant and varied crime writing around anywhere is centred on the evocative industrial fishing port of Hull, with its shadowy wind-swept streets, its hard-bitten attitudes, its drugs, its gangsters and yet its underlying humanity that clings like untended weeds amid the cracks of the endemic poverty and the violence.

And Alfie Robins' 'Reprisal' is an outstanding example of the genre, a classic police procedural where you can hear the streets, smell the weather, savour the taciturn banter, and feel the four inch nail being driven into the heads of victims by a vengeful, meticulous and psychotic serial killer.

This is a criminal environment as real as it gets, and this is how people die if DCI Philip Marlowe and his over-stretched, tight-knit team don't get there first.

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More please!!!!, 12 Jun 2012
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This review is from: Reprisal (Kindle Edition)
I don't leave many book reviews and it is only when a book really grabs me that I do. This book was enjoyable all of the way through and in my opinion the author has managed to do what many more seasoned authors fail to do adequately. He adds a twist that you were not expecting, but it is carefully woven into the story and well thought out. There are 'honest to goodness', believable characters and even a few laughs along the way to lighten the tension. I really hope that there are further books to follow this one, as I would love to see how the characters develop over time. Well done to the author ..... a great read!!

Rerisal, 24 May 2012
This review is from: Reprisal (Kindle Edition)
Reprisal, is a well crafted and interesting thriller, it is one of those good interesting reads that you can not put down and is one which leaves you wanting more crimes to solve by the tough, professional police team. Come on Alfie please give us more.

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