Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Casablanca Case (Errol Black)The much anticipated sequel to Black Shadows.

Like an old lover, gone bad...the return of Errol Black in a dark tale of treachery, betrayal and murder.

The much anticipated sequel to the best-selling crime thriller, Black Shadows.

It’s Summer, 1950, Casablanca. A once beautiful town, now riddled with infighting, corruption and murder.

Ten years ago the roads were paved with gold and private eye, Errol Black, thought he had found love that would last forever. He left not long after with a bullet in his shoulder, his life hanging by a thread and the love story shattered into a million bloody pieces.

Returning to find answers to the unexplained killing of his best friend, he finds himself haunted by the past. Digging deeper leads him right into the middle of a bloodbath, where nobody can be trusted and nothing is quite how it seems.
The Casablanca Case is a hardboiled piece of noir.

Praise for Simon Swift...

"Bodies pile up fast in Swift’s rollicking debut. Reads like a psychedelic ode to history and the cliché …and maybe that’s the point." ~ Andy Straka, bestselling author of Witness Above

"Just when you might think: they don’t write 'em like they used to…an author comes along with a true passion for classic rat-a-tat-tat, shoot 'em full o' holes, gumshoe crime fiction." ~ John Walker, Suspense Magazine.

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Welcome back Errol Black - an older, smarter Errol, going back to his home town to find it much changed, not always for the better. This is another thrilling mystery with more twists than a roller coaster.
The one thing I felt about this book was that the true Simon Swift was writing it, his own style coming through even though the theme and the essence was old-style detective - and the book was better for this. Well done, Simon.
We get to know a little bit more about Errol in between the chasing of the bad guys. The end took me completely by surprise. A great read. Looking forward to the next!!

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